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My best experience game in jili slot game


Golden Empire

Golden Empire slot game is developed by Jili Gaming. This game is a story of a wealthy and mighty golden empire. With 32,400 paylines, 4 big jokers, and 8 free spins, players can expect a game that emphasizes multiple combinations through connecting eliminations. Don't miss out on this exciting game, you'll have a great time playing.

The charm of the ancient Mayan Empire is unlimited, the Incan Empire shines in gold and splendor. Let Chieftan take you into the Temple of the Sun, where the secret treasure is waiting to be discovered. No one can find this lost empire, but you. It's like a journey filled with adventure. Various primitive totems seem to pull the players into the tropical jungle. The changing panels and golden frames transform into wild cards, with the thrill of continuous elimination and even more surprises!

As for Golden Empire, you will feel the strong drum beat the moment you enter the game. You'll also see that the pyramids in the background will emit a slow mist. Through the unique golden frame symbol design of the Golden Empire slot game, our connections may completely drive the whole board crazy and unstoppable.

How to play Gold Empire

A good game always has a captivating storyline as its backbone, and JILI's Golden Empire slot game is no exception. The ancient Mayan empire was once the wealthiest empire in the world and is a place of exotic landscapes that many players have yearned for. Now, players are invited to travel back in time and experience the brilliance of the modern metropolis.

Golden Empire slot game is full of magnificent graphics and ancient mythological symbols, such as giant birds, ancient humans, Mayan pyramids, etc., and each game has different odds. The most anticipated part of the game should be the appearance of the golden frame symbol. Whenever the golden frame symbol appears, it means there is a chance to win four or more wild connections.

Golden Empire Slot Free spin

In normal games, as long as you get 4 SCATTER, you can enter the free spins. Each more one can get 2 extra rounds. The initial cumulative multiplier is X1. As long as the elimination starts from the first time, the cumulative multiplier will increase by 1 each time it is eliminated, and the bonus for the next elimination will be multiplied by the current cumulative multiplier. And during the free spin period, the multiplier will not be reset and can be accumulated until the end of the free spin.

Game Features
  • Golden Frame will only appear on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Axle.

  • when Golden Frame are eliminated, it will be replaced by Wild cards that can be eliminated multiple times.

  • Numbers on Wild cards indicate how many times it can be eliminated. If the number shows 2 or more, the Wild cards will not disappear but decrease by 1 when won (eliminated).

  • If the number on the Wild cards is 1 or is a normal Wild card, when won the Wild card will disappear.


In normal game, win 4 Scatters to play Free Game (8 rounds). Every extra Scatter will earn you 2 rounds.

Free Game

  • In Free Game, the starting multiplier (accumulative) is X1

  • In a Free game, once the 1nd clearing starts, the accumulated multiplier will increase by 1 each time it's cleared, and the next clearing bonus will apply the current accumulated multiplier.

  • In Free Game, multipliers will not reset, and will add up till end of Free Game.

  • In Free Game, win 4 Scatters to play Free Game (8 rounds). Every extra Scatter will earn you 2 rounds.

Game Rules

  1. Bet line wins pay if in succession starting from the leftmost reel to right according to paytable.

  2. Maximum Payline is 32400 megaways.

  3. Only the biggest payout is considered for each payline .

  4. Winnings = Bet x Pay.

  5. In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of the game to be undecided, the game round will be invalid.

Where to play

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and discover the endless fun and excitement that comes with playing at our recommend. Our team of dedicated professionals is always available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns, ensuring that your gaming experience is seamless and enjoyable. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to play the best slot games with us! "

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